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Allen R, 28

“Will is a fantastic personal trainer! Will always looks out for and pushes his clients, without the session feeling like a boot camp. He guides you through your sets and reps, to ensure your form is accurate. He will encourage you to do exercises that may push you out of your comfort zone, in a good way! Also, he makes himself reasonably available to answer questions about diet/macros outside of your one on one sessions. I won’t be using anyone else in the future!”

Sean D, 24

"Training with Will has been the single biggest catalyst for my growth in the gym.  Since our first session I have grown my PR's by just under 100lbs.  That is the result of Will showing me the 'why' behind each movement, and the science behind how to do things right.

Pearl T, 29

Will is an exceptional, hardworking, and incredibly talented personal trainer who is committed to giving his clients dedicated and unmatched coaching, knowledge, and support. He’s always ready to teach, encourages you to hit your potential, and is extremely professional throughout the entire process. All of our sessions are structured and challenging yet he makes each exercise enjoyable. Over the last several months, Will has helped me with continued and  evolving goal of becoming stronger, healthier, and more confident. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated and reliable trainer.

Richard K, 61

"Around two months ago, I sought the expertise of Will Snider, head trainer at Archetype Strength. As a software developer in my sixties, I had neglected my fitness for far too long. I am pleased to share that I have witnessed remarkable improvements in both my posture and overall strength in just six weeks. I wholeheartedly recommend enlisting the guidance of a personal trainer, such as Will, for at least two sessions per week. The commitment that comes with regular appointments is unparalleled."

Jack B, 21

Will has been nothing but a smart, realistic, encouraging, and effective coach in our time of working together. This all and more has been proven in just about two years of training with him, yielding 40+lbs of muscle gained  and adding at least 130lbs on each individual SBD lift in our path to me competing at USAPL’s 2023 Collegiate Nationals. All of this growth has been accompanying with Will relaying understanding and reasoning that I’ve applied across the board in my training to better myself.
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